Vilnius, Lithuania

imageThe last couple of days have been pretty exhausting. We have left Poland and are not in Vilnius, Lithuania. We took an overnight bus to get here so most of us are pretty tired. However, we saw quite a bit today (luckily we didn’t have to walk all over and had a bus to drive us). First we went and saw the old town of Vilnius, and our guide Victoria described some of the history of the city for us. Next, we drove to St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, which was incredible inside. I will post a picture of the inside because it is too intricate to describe. Finally, we drove to the Gedimina’s Castle. The views from the top of the only remaining tower were beautiful, and definitely worth the climb.

After soaking in all of the amazing views and art I began to think about my research question. Victoria did not mention the Germans very much, but she did say there was a street named German street because back before the World Wars each ‘nationality’ would each have their own section of the city. This allowed to concur that at least before the World Wars relations with the German population were good in Vilnius. As for after the World Wars I am not sure about, but I intend to find out.


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