Janusza Korezaka

imageWe walked all around Warsaw and saw many things. First, we visited the remains of the walls that surrounded the Jewish ghetto. Then we visited the last remaining synagogue in Warsaw after the war and we watched a 30 minute video about how life was in the Warsaw ghetto. Along the way we saw many memorials for Janusza Korezaka; this man ran an orphanage and when the Nazi’s came to take the children to Treblinka (a death camp) he went with them to calm them down and perished along with 200 children in the gas chambers. This may not seem very significant, but Januza was given a pardon and would have been saved, yet he sacrificed his life to keep the children calm and happy.

The story I just mentioned relates to my topic because it shows how many people were affected by the German occupation. This man, who was essentially free, gave his life for those children, and the Nazi’s killed him anyone. Also, our tour guide in Warsaw mentioned a few times how the Nazi’s didn’t follow the rules of war. For example, they would bomb hospitals; this is clearly unethical, but they did it anyways. This shows me that my guide here in Warsaw, who was a young boy during the time of the war, does not think highly about the Germans, and often talked negatively of the way they acted in regards to the rules of war and ethical issues. Overall, the view of the Nazi’s/Germans in Poland is not a positive one.


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