Today we did many things; they involved visiting the Majdanek concentration camp, Belzec death camp memorial, the Krefnekretski memorial, and a synagogue in Zamosc. I felt like I have a new understanding of how the death/concentration camps work from visiting Majdank and Belzec. The most interesting part, for me, was that everything in Majdanek was original. I feel like this made the horrific events seem more real rather than something you just hear about. It also made me incredibly sad to be in a place where so many people perished.

Relating to my research topic; the visit the the Krefnekretski memorial showed how the Polish regard themselves as being superior to other groups of people, such as a the Germans. This shows me that they are very biased in their opinion of their nation. Also, the fact that if you were Jewish meant that you could not be Polish even if you were born and lived in Poland your entire life.


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